RailSolutions, Inc. Railroad Equipment Historical Database

Compilation and Analysis of Historical Market Values and Lease Rental Rates 1988-2016

The RailSolutions (RS) Railroad Equipment Historical Database has been compiled and published for the purpose of providing our clients with what we believe is the most comprehensive single source of railcar and locomotive market values and lease rental rates available in the railroad industry. The principals of RS have recorded a huge volume of new and used equipment sale prices, and rental rates on leased railcars and locomotives over a period of approximately 30 years.

As of July 1, 2016, the RS base data file contained valuation information on more than 900,000 railcars and locomotives. One of the primary objectives in creating the RS Railroad Equipment Historical Database is to extract specific data from our master information file and present it in a format that is easy to read and interpret.

Table of Contents and Section 1 - General Service Boxcars [Sample]

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Railcar Types:

General Service Boxcars
Small Cubic Capacity Covered Hopper Railcars
Covered Hopper Railcars, Grain Service
Specialty Covered Hoppers, Plastic Pellet Service
Covered Hopper Railcars, Pressure Differential
Mill Gondola Railcars
Open Top Hopper Railcars, Steel Body
Open Top Hopper Railcars, Aluminum Body
High Side Gondola Railcars, Steel Body
High Side Gondola Railcars, Aluminum Body
Center Beam Flatcars
General Service Tank Cars
Pressure Tank Cars
Specialty Chemical (Acid) Tank Cars

Locomotive Models:

EMD GP38-2
EMD SD40-2