Overview of Services

Three Trains

RailSolutions provides a broad variety of railroad equipment-related consulting, technical and advisory services to financial institutions, railroads, shippers and private fleet owners. The primary focus is equipment valuation studies and appraisal services. RailSolutions also provides technical support, as well as financial analysis and railroad market-related services. Technical services include railcar and locomotive inspections, maintenance planning and repair cost analyses. Financial and market-related services include portfolio analyses, railroad equipment supply and demand studies, equipment remarketing and general advisory services.

RailSolutions works regularly with lessors and equipment owners to monitor rail equipment during the life of the asset. RailSolutions can assist investors by establishing a programmed approach to managing rail assets by scheduling portfolio review valuations and inspections, analyzing maintenance history records and providing remarketing services. Secured lenders and leasing company asset managers can take advantage of these expanded services in order to protect collateral values and to maximize leased asset residual values.

The firm has developed multiple quantitative valuation models supported by both a sound base of market data and advanced analytical techniques. RailSolutions has compiled database systems containing extensive historical information related to equipment sales, market rental rates and equipment maintenance costs. As a result of the time and resources invested, RailSolutions is capable of tailoring valuation studies which take into account specific technical and market factors unique to each car type and locomotive model under consideration.

Technical and financial support services provided by RailSolutions draw on over 40 years of railroad industry specific experience and the firm's knowledge of equipment financing. In addition to the expertise of the firm's principals, RailSolutions has assembled a highly qualified group of sub-contract inspectors and mechanical professionals who are capable of providing services ranging from highly technical inspections and repair cost estimates to more general mechanical assessment studies.

Railroad Equipment Valuation and Appraisal Services

RailSolutions provides a broad variety of railroad equipment-related consulting, technical and advisory services to financial institutions, railroads, shippers and private fleet owners. Because the firm specializes in railroad assets, we can offer expertise on virtually every type of freight car and locomotive currently employed in North American rail service. In addition, RailSolutions is qualified to conduct valuation studies on other assets including passenger and commuter rail equipment, intermodal equipment and maintenance of way equipment. In conducting these valuation studies and appraisals, RailSolutions utilizes its extensive database systems as well as its quantitative valuation models to produce well researched and reliable results. Both have been developed for the purposes of supporting the appropriate approach to valuation and the appropriate definition of value as determined by the situation and the client's requirements.

Railcar and Locomotive Inspections

RailSolutions recognizes that an accurate assessment of mechanical condition is a critical component of the valuation process. By teaming with TSA Railcar Services, Inc., the industry's premier rail equipment inspection firm, RailSolutions is capable of providing technical assistance to railroad equipment owners and investors. Services include equipment inspections, maintenance and repair cost analyses, and evaluations of end user maintenance practices. Our expertise covers a full range of railcar types and locomotive models. Like our valuation services, technical assistance can be tailored to meet the client's specific needs.

Portfolio Analysis & Lease Valuation Services

RailSolutions has developed extensive database systems and cash flow models, as well as the expertise needed to analyze prospective investment returns related to rail equipment covered under leases and other types of equipment financing structures. RailSolutions has been instrumental in identifying and recommending alternative courses of action which have helped investors maximize returns using proactive portfolio management techniques.

Technical and Information Services

Through our partnership with TSA Railcar Services, Inc., RailSolutions can also provide a variety of additional technical and asset management services frequently needed by investors. These services include the location of railcar and locomotive storage facilities, maintenance planning and scheduling of repairs, equipment tracking and portfolio inventory management services.

Equipment Remarketing

RailSolutions provides remarketing services to clients who need assistance in the sale or re-lease of equipment at the time of lease expiration. RailSolutions has established partnerships with the leading remarketing professionals in the rail industry. By partnering with these industry leaders, RailSolutions now has the knowledge, experience and contacts to attain the optimal results for our clients.